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Watch the amazing story of Ben Conolly and his experience with "The Chairslayers Foundation" Not only did it change his life but it saved his life too. The power of motorsports goes beyond just horsepower.

Rob Parsons - Founder

Rob Parsons - Founder

It all started with an idea...

            Rob Parsons broke is back riding dirt bike on June 5, 2011. Never one to back down from a challenge and always looking at the positives Rob was determined to get back behind the wheel of a drift car. Rob raced in drifting for many years before his accident which helped him develop the hand control system you see in the car today. Dreamt up from his hospital bed and built in his garage back in Canada, Rob set out to create the best hand control system for drifting but needed to do it on a enthusiasts budget. Flash forward a few years and some would say Rob designed the best system in the world. Not one to keep the fun for himself Rob started "The Chairslayers Foundation" a foundation who's purpose is to put other adrenaline seeking individuals with a SCI back behind the wheel of a race car. Not only do we inspire others to challenge themselves, but we change peoples lives for the better.

This is "The Chairslayers Foundation"

The first clinic

The First Clinic was a huge success. We have since then provided many other students with the opportunity of learning how to drive a drift car again. Its an empowering and rehabilitating experience for everyone involved.

help a chairslayer feel the freedom of horsepower


Follow the link below to be taken to our secure donation page. You can donate a set amount or decide how much you'd like to contribute. Every donation above $15.00 will receive a sticker and every donation above $100 will receive a T-shirt.